A Wanderer on the Road

Gefreiter changes the tire on an Auto Union Wanderer cabriolet used by the medical personnel of a motorized anti-tank company. The car is a civilian vehicle, not originally intended for military use, but making up the plethora of models and makes used by the Wehrmacht. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the lack of standardization resulted in problems with the supply of spare parts. The car hasn’t got the characteristic slitted headlight covers seen on German military vehicles; instead, it appears like the headlights have received some paint in order to reduce the glare that could make the enemy spot a vehicle from afar in the dark. The chromed bumper has a worn coat of paint, too.

The Leutnant standing to the right might be a Sanitätsoffizier – medical officer – but at that rank, he should be at battalion level. A fun detail is that he has turned his peaked cap back-to-front, probably to avoid losing it when travelling at speed. There’s a chinstrap, but it seems like he doesn’t favor it. All in all, a snapshot of a small event, over 75 years ago.