Big badaboom

It looks harmless enough on the ground, but the SC 1000 (Sprengbombe Cylindrisch 1000 – cylindrical high explosive bomb) was the heaviest of the common bombs in use with the Luftwaffe (there were heavier bombs). Weighing in at just a little over 1000 kilos, the bomb was filled with a mixture of 530-620 kilos of amatol and TNT, depending on sub-type. Another version, used against merchant shipping, contained a different mix of explosives intended to cause fires on top of the blast damage. There was a variety of fuses, from impact fuses to delay fuses and time fuses.

The SC 1000 was delivered by Heinkel He 111s, Dornier Do 217s, and Heinkel He 177s. Undetonated bombs are occasionally found more than 70 years after they were dropped, requiring defusing and controlled destruction.

Defusing bombs is a delicate task, and takes skill and nerves as demonstrated in the clip below.